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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a way of exercising which gently strengthens the body in an even way with particular emphasis on core strength and mobility.


It helps to improve posture and balance and can relieve stress and tension. With regular practice the risk of injury can be reduced.


Class exercises will be done using a mat in standing, sitting and lying positions, often using equipment like small balls and resistance bands. It is suitable for most fitness levels and can be adapted within class for different levels.

Why do pilates with Ros?

As an experienced physiotherapist I can bring a deeper understanding to pilates to help you learn how to activate the right muscles and work safely with your body.  I am trained through the APPI (Australian Pilates Physio Institute).  


For more information on APPI please see: 


When are the Classes?

Monday Lunchtime

12-1pm Intermediate Level

1.05-2.05pm Beginner/Improver/Take it steady

Wednesday Evenings

6.25-7.25pm Mixed Ability

7.30-8.30pm Sports Pilates

Where are the Classes?

Classes are held in the large hall at Weeke Community Centre, Winchester, SO22 6HG. 

How much are the Classes?

Classes are booked in blocks of 6-8 weeks. A 6 week course works out at £60.  

Classes are limited to 14 people booked into each one to ensure a more tailored personal approach. There is some flexibility to attend a different class if you can't make a session one week. Before starting you will be asked to sign a registration/consent form and attend a one to one session.

Initial one to one sessions

It is usual practise to have a one to one session with an instructor before joining a Pilates class. This is held in my physio treatment room at my house in Winchester for half an hour and costs £35.  This allows us to meet and for me to go through the basics, including deep core activation and check any health problems we may need to consider.  Whatever your previous level of pilates I find that people learn something new in the session and it also helps me to check which class would be appropriate.


What to wear

You need to wear something comfortable to exercise in - if it's reasonably fitted I can see your posture and positioning more easily so I can help you with it.  It is best to wear non slip socks such as those also used for yoga.  I have seen these sold at the leisure centre in Winchester.

What to bring

You will also need a mat to exercise on - the pilates mats which are usually 15mm thick are more comfortable than the thinner yoga mats.  

Click the link to view an example:

Please bring water and a large towel to use as a cushion.  

It is also useful to have a 1.5-2m medium resistance exercise band (this is red in the theraband make) and small (around 7 inch) pilates ball. You don’t have to have these when you start but it is useful to get them. I sell these for £10 each or you can source your own.

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